White Card Online

Course Code: CPCCWHS1001

The White Card Virtual Classroom is available for those that reside in NSW only. Allies Security is an approved RTO under Safework NSW.

Trainees must have computer literacy and English literacy! You must also have correct PPE for the day, regardless if you are in the construction industry or not. Please see requirements tab for more information below.

Valid for work in Australia (All States)
$179 (Inc. Card Fee)

24/08/2021 COVID-19 UPDATE:

All our white card courses are still proceeding as planned with NSW Health guidelines in place. The reasons you may leave your home include travel for education if you can’t study at home.

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WARNING: Don’t Be Fooled
Some websites are selling cheap “introductory” White Card courses.
You NEED a FULL White Card to work! Allies Security is an approved RTO by Safework NSW!

Online Class
New classes are added regularly.  Students must be able to communicate, read and write in English. Student must also have computer literacy. See requirements tab for more information.

Equipment and Resources

Computer Literacy

  1. Students should be able to split their screen on their device. This can be done on laptops, iPad, desktop computers. This is so you can see the instructors screen and be able to work through the online learning material at the same time.
  2. You should be familiar with your own device! We cannot guarantee we can assist with difficulties that you experience, other than those on Zoom and our learning management system.
  3. Students should be able to download and upload documents on the student portal. If you do not know how to download or upload documents, please let us know before the course.
  4. If you need assistance please advise us before the course.

Here are some links to help you with the online class:      

How to do split screen on iPad

How to do split screen on windows 

How to do split screen on Mac

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click the following headings for more information:

Getting Started with Zoom Getting Started with Zoom 

How to join a meeting 

To undertake this training, it is COMPULSORY that students:

  1. Bring 100 points of ID on the day. New arrivals (less than 6 weeks in Australia), School  students less than 16 years of age and Indigenous Australians are exempted. You must show be able to show originals! Except for those that are digitally issues i.e. phone bills, registration papers, bank statements.
  2. You must be able to read and write in English. If you have difficulty, we recommend you call us before making a booking.
  3. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without 100 points of ID (New Arrivals excepted). No refunds are offered if you arrive with insufficient ID – you will have to re-book your course, paying the full fee.
  4. You WILL NOT be allowed to sit in the course without the required PPE
  5. You must be present AT ALL TIMES of the virtual classroom unless otherwise stated.

You must have the appropriate PPE 

  1. Eye protection – AS1337.1 Personal eye protection Eye and face protectors for occupational application.
  2. Hearing protection – AS/NZS 1270 Acoustics – Hearing protector (Ear Muffs)
  3. Head protection (hard hat) – AS/NZS 1801 Occupational protective helmet
  4. High visibility reflective vest – AS/NZS 4602.1 High visibility safety garments class
  5. A dust mask

If you need help with obtaining PPE, please contact us via email at accounts@alliessecurity.edu.au or on (02) 9557 7466. 

PPE Required

Identity Requirements

Prior to course commencement, please bring original copies of 100 points of ID. If you have less than 100 points contact our office. You will not be allowed to commence the course. You must be able to provide your current address on your ID. Click here for more information.

Type of Identification ID Document Points Value
Only 1 document can be used
Austrailian Birth Certificate/card issued by the registrar of births, deaths and marriages 70
Passport - Austrailian or International (Current or expired within last 2 years, but not cancelled) 70
Austrailian citizenship certificate 70
Multiple documents can be used, each documents is 25 points
Current Austrailian driver's license, Photo ID or permit 25
Credit/Savings cards/bank statements 25
Government issued card such as Department of Vetarns Affairs card, Current Centrelink card, Medicare 25
Utility bills issued in the last (3) months - for example water, electricity, gas, telephone 25
Current Vehicle registration or insurance papers 25

Customer Ratings & Reviews

"This course allowed me to work at my own pace and understand the information easier."...

Latifah Wipa

White Card Course

"The Trainer was clear and precise with the information."...

Sevelino K

White Card Course

"I recieved so much information about hazards in the workplace and how to deal with it. I think the best aspects of learning in the course was the saftey assesments in the workplace, Risk assesments...

Adnan Khan

White Card Course

"The course was finished nicely, all my expectations were fulfilled. Great trainer!"...

Mohammad Rahaman

White Card Course

"Very helpful insight into safe work practices on a construction site."...

Rhonda Kadi

White Card Course

Easy learning by an experienced trainer with an abundance of knowledge! The trainer was patient and explained the correct and logical methods of work place safety."...

Frank Tsahtirellis

White Card Course

Course Work Flow

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Key Topics

Identify and understand roles, responsibilities and rights of duty holders

Understand OHS communication and reporting processes

Apply the principles of risk management

Identify common hazards and control measures

Interpret and apply safety information and documentation

Use safe work practices

Respond to OHS incidents

Unit Facts

Unit Name:- Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Unit Code: CPCCWHS1001

7.5 hours

From $179.00 ONLY! No hidden costs!

You will receive a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment upon completion as well as a Statement of Training (SOT) which is valid for 60 days and will enable the student to work until the white card arrives in the mail.

Payment: Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Paypal, Over the phone

Unit Overview

The Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card) course is a Nationally Recognised qualification and is a compulsory requirement for anybody who wishes to kick-start their career or maintain employment in the construction industry throughout Australia.

Refund Policy

If you fail to

  • bring appropriate identification on the day you will not be eligible for a refund – you will have to reschedule your course, paying full course fee again..
  • bring appropriate PPE on the day, you will not be eligible for a refund – you will have to reschedule your assessment task, with a re-enrolment fee.
  • do not advise of us any problems you have with technology before the course date, you will not be eligible for a refund.

For more refund information, contact us or please refer to pages 10 and 11 of the student handbook. 48 hour written notice is required for cancellations.

Meet the Trainers

Chris Burgess

Chris has been involved with Allies Security as a First Aid trainer for a number of years. He has served in the Australian army…

Imran Ali

Imran has been involved in the security industry for the past 15 years. He commenced his career as a security officer…

John McPhilbin

John has been involved in the security industry for 15 years. During this time he was employed as a security operations manager…

Robert Gillespie

Robert has been involved in law enforcement for approximately 22 years, in the capacity of Detective and Detective Sergeant…

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